The Business of Visualization

A little about us

600 Series Design opened in 2002 with a mission to help tell stories as clearly and graphically as possible. We tend to work with brilliant people who come up with enormously complex ideas that then get difficult to explain. These might be engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, technologists, thought leaders, and the occasional regular person with something new to say.

About this portfolio

The work on this site provides examples of web-based information graphics that we've produced as editorial content - meant to be viewed by the general public, in other words. We hope you enjoy it.

The deeper portion of our work was created for sales situations or corporate strategy, and unfortunately cannot be displayed in this type of forum.

consulting clients (partial list)

  • Act 3 Studio
  • Avchem
  • BentonsEdge
  • Bizmanualz
  • LaSalle University
  • Microsoft (via Pace Consulting and Pipe9 Consulting)
  • MySpace
  • ProWolfe Partners
  • Washington University School of Medicine